About us

Cognitis Association is a harmonious team formed of technical and economic sciences, law and management students. We have been working for more than nine years already, accomplishing a variety of projects from the area of our interest. Our organization began with the cooperation of students of Poznań universities. At the moment, however, universities of Wrocław and Warsaw are also included in our activity.

We founded Cognitis to develop our managerial skills, get to know the companies from the consulting branch, as well as, simply have fun during the realization of successive projects. We are open for anyone wanting to develop their skills and to work for the other’s good.
Each and every member of Cognitis is important-a specialization, grade, university or experience do not matter for us, everyone has the actual chance to influence the work of our association. We form an organization of meritocratic character and want everyone to have a chance to implement their ideas.
We want every member of Cognitis to take part in a variety of trainings, seminars, conferences and workshops organized by professionals such as consulting and training companies, different associations and foundations, as well as, experienced members and alumnus of Cognitis . Our aim is to encourage the workshops participants to share their knowledge with other members of the association by making such presentations and workshops themselves.
Perfection is a key word for Cognitis. We say no to mediocrity and that is way we aim to achieve the best results out of every of our action. We want to manage our association, cooperate with consulting companies and develop our members’ skills with the highest quality possible. In order to achieve this, Cognitis is administered in accordance with the Total Quality Management principles.
Getting acquainted with the wisest of books is not enough to become a leader. The mixture of knowledge and practice, however, leads to the complete development. We want our members to gain valuable experience and to learn the best option for their career development through the high quality managing of Cognitis, as well, as through practices, trainings and assistances.
Business World
Realizing the importance of social capital as a factor of development, we want to promote the lifestyle based on diligence, fairness, responsibility and propriety. We want to train managers guided by the highest standards who will have their contribution in the change of the way business function today.
Our universities
We do not want our commitment to be limited to Cognitis only. We believe the knowledge gained during classes at universities to be the important element of our development as well, that is why we promote studying with commitment. We founded common learning groups in the association where our members help each other not only to understand the material from their studies better, but also to put this knowledge in practice.
While educating the prospective consultants and managers we try to make them realize the role they will have to play in society as future influential consultants, managers or chairmen. We want our alumini firstly to spread the spirit of Cognitis in the environment of their future workplaces and lives.

Translation – Special thanks to:
Daria Stoll
Karolina Żabierek